Where did April go?

2 things are undeniable; life is too short and time moves very quickly. I have no idea where April has gone and now here we are in mid-May. I think one of the reasons for this occurring in my life is the rhythm that Jill and I live our life at. Monday we work in the walled/borrowed garden. Tuesday is our Saturday (a day to chill and relax/DIY/jobs around the house). Wednesday is walled garden II, plus baking for the local pub. Thursday is the preparation day for the deli. Friday is the long (6am-12am) baking day. Saturday we bake and open our shop. Sunday we rest. Combine this with a monthly weekend or so away in the camper-van, plus catching up wth family and friends = time whizzes by.

The @borrowedgarden has progressed nicely over the past month. Jill has taken on the mammoth task of planting seeds and transplanting seedlings…..

whilst I have mainly focused on the creation of larger borders in line with Jill’s designs for the garden….I’m the brawn, she’s the brains!

IMG_1236We are now at a point where broad beans, borlotti beans, lettuce, brussel sprouts, potatoes, onions, cauliflower, kallets (a cross between kale and sprouts), onions, parsnips, carrots, spring onions and garlic are in the ground. The weeds are being beaten and we have harvested some inherited asparagus (they must be thanking us for some heavy duty weeding) and chard.

And so the organic fight with nature with it’s bugs, butterflies, blights and slugs has begun. We stripped a local DIY store of it’s white plumbing pipe work and bends, with a shop assistant saying to us simply “Gardening?” We obviously don’t look like plumbers! This pipework will be used to keep the aforementioned bugs and butterflies away through the cunning use of fleece, netting and hope! You can tell how busy we are as at least once a week Jill looks at me with pleading eyes and says the immortal words….” Can we go and get some more compost please!” I think we have already spent our planned budget for the year, but we are pleased with the progress we have made so far. There is still much to do with the compost beds needing rotating, the fruit garden weeding and more beds to be dug to accommodate more vegetables. I love going to the garden. The best bit (apart from the planting) is our elevensies tea-break with a cup of tea and a treat from our deli toasted on our camping stove in the potting shed. We sit back and admire our progress and watch the red kites soaring overhead – living the dream!

Meanwhile we continue to run the deli and try to keep our old cottage standing up and it’s own garden respectable looking. We have repaired 2 shed roofs (three if we include the work we did on one of our son’s shed), nearly finished painting the outside of the house (a project started last summer!) and had a lovely weekend in a camper-van visiting friends in Worcester.

The camper-van is fabulous and we are always learning new things about camping and normally come back from a trip needing to purchase a missing item or gadget that makes a camp site/camping easier to master. For example we now have a valuable ‘drive-away from awning’ attachment (am I really this dull?), which means we can use the camper-van more easily once we have pitched. We shall try this on our next trip.

In other news I continue to grieve about Brexit (I hate that term), get animated about a low 36% turn-out in the Local Elections and have no idea where to cast my vote in the June General Election. I have even taken to sending a long e-mail setting out my voting dilemma to all the candidates in my district to see if their reply can assist my voting choice. I await any response…..


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